Chez Scheyda is a concept for the home

It was born from the desire of a woman, Shahla Yaribakht, who was called “Scheyda” throughout her life.
It was born from her travels, is the fruit of her dual culture between France and Iran, but also from her professional experiences as a stylist and business manager. Since 2015, “Scheyda” has traveled to Iranian regions to compile traditional materials and techniques, recipes and ancient accessories. She has worked in several regions in workshops mainly run by women in order to create collections of products that seem simple, beautiful, healthy and important to safeguard. At Scheyda, it is a collection of Persian-inspired home products and accessories.

Lulled by heritage and culture, Scheyda moved to Chantilly around twenty years ago, residing in a 19th-century house with an attached horse stable. This historic stable, a symbol of the city of Chantilly, has undergone a complete renovation to transform into a showroom, immersing visitors in a journey where the harmonious blend of East and West is evident. Scheyda invites you to explore Chantilly, the international capital of horses nestled in the heights of France.

Visiting Chantilly means discovering an exceptional heritage, including the Château de Chantilly, the Condé Museum, the Lace Museum, the 110-hectare park, the Grand Stables, and the Horse Museum.
Château de Chantilly has been one of the highlights of French history throughout the centuries. Largely razed after the revolution, the Château de Chantilly, owned by the Duke of Aumale, son of King Louis Philippe, was restored to its full splendor in the 19th century.

The Château de Chantilly now hosts the second-largest collection of ancient paintings, surpassed only by that of the Louvre. He will prohibiting any movement of his paintings, nothing has changed since the disappearance of the Duke of Aumale.

The history of Chantilly is closely linked to horses. For over two centuries, horses have been trained in its Great Stables; at that time, they housed 240 horses. This superb building houses the Horse Museum, as well as an equestrian company. The city is the leading racehorse training center in Europe.

The town of Chantilly was also one of the main centers for lace manufacturing, thanks to the school of lacemakers created by Anne of Bavaria in the 17th century.
Empress Eugénie, a 19th century fashion figure, will also greatly contribute to its success. The Lace Museum, which underwent a complete renovation in 2016, enables you to admire the incredible craftsmanship of lace makers. Handcrafted with silk thread, the specialty of Chantilly lace lies in its fineness and distinct black color.